Our Approach

Our Approach to Your Project

When it comes to technical solutions the one-size-fits-all option usually turns out to fit everyone badly! Our approach focuses on putting your needs first to ensure you are provided with the right services to succeed.

Technology, programming languages and infrastructure all change as the industry develops, but what’s proven to be true time and time again is that a phased approach works best most often. Every project we work on is different, but they all have a few phases in common.

With our relationship with you we’ll always be honest, fair and transparent. Our customers choose us for our expertise and experience, but we’re still striving to listen and learn as much as we can every day. We love to work with people who are open-minded and willing to consider new or innovative ideas to improve their teams and ways of working. As cheesy as it sounds we’re not happy or successful unless you are.

How We Help You


The most important thing when we start a project is to understand both what you want and what you need.If we understand from the beginning what your goals, priorities and values are we can make sure our designs and recommendations are right for you.


Our focus goes beyond just delivering good technology, we’re committed to making a tangible positive impact on people, communities and the planet.


Our iterative development methodology delivers value from day one. We collaborate with you to diagnose challenges, define solutions and create a clear technology strategy with an adaptable roadmap aligned with your goals.

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Crystal Clean Service

Replacing a buggy and error prone system with a brand new CRM that has enabled the business to go paperless and migrating to the cloud.

Case Study

The University of Sheffield

CTO on-demand, business planning, financial forecasting and coaching commercial software engineering best practices.

Case Study

Spelling Beats

Taking care of and scaling up the hand-on delivery of Spelling Beats features. Including apply artificial intelligence techniques to the project.

Case Study