MVP Development

An MVP is a crucial step in bringing your product to market, we’ll help design, build and deliver an MVP that showcases true value!

The Curve has developed countless MVP’s that have successfully showcased the validity and value that a project can have. These MVP’s have since been fully developed and entered the marketplace.

Our MVP Process


A Discovery Workshop is where a customer comes to us with an idea or a problem, thinks that technology might be able to fix it, but doesn’t know what sort of technology can help or how to deploy it. From this we’ll have an in depth, interactive workshop where we’ll uncover and discuss your needs and goals.


We’ll provide you with a full write-up on wireframes, challenges, costs and our suggested way forward so you can better understand the scope of the project and make the decisions that best suit you. This is a key stage that is often overlooked but can determine the success of a project and is a crucial step in avoiding issues such as scope creep and project costs.


Whether we’re building the solution for you or working with your existing team we’ll make sure everything we deliver is high-quality, easy to use and easy to maintain. There may be issues along the way, but with our collaborative, pragmatic and sincere approach we’ll work with you to manage these and find the best solution.

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