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MVP Development
Developing an effective and reliable MVP that can showcase the true potential of a product is key for any organisation. We have built many MVP's that have been successful and moved into active development.
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Mobile App Development
Designing and Developing applications can be a key step for any organisation looking to expand its user base. The Curve have developed countless apps for organisations of various sizes from PLC's to Public Sector and Charities.
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Value Propositions
Developing an effective Value Proposition can be a challenge for any organisation. We have seen and reviewed hundreds of Value Propositions and can guide you through the process towards success
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Managed Service
Having helped you scope, design & build your digital tool, let us take care of them. Our managed services offering is the final piece in the puzzle. Let us take care of it all so that you can focus on your customers and growing the business.
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Effective Training
Technology is enabling businesses to do more and is becoming strategically important for all industries and sectors. Businesses of all sizes are able to use technology to differentiate themselves from their competition and better serve their customers.
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Expert Advice
You’ve got a vision, now what? Sometimes, knowing where to start is the hardest part. Our team has been through it all and will be that independent sounding board that you need to help to make sense of the business journey ahead of you.
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Computer hardware
Cloud Migration
The recent pandemic has given rise to more & more companies adopting cloud and digital solutions. So don’t get left behind while your customers move to those offering a better service. Our team can help you get there faster and ensure a seamless transition.
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CTO On-Demand
We help you define and execute on a technology strategy that keeps you ahead of competition. CTO on-demand offers superior technical know-how that helps you in both holding investor conversations and ensuring your product grows with the best cutting technology available.
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Software Development
Whether you are looking to introduce new digital tooling to help improve your customer journey or you want to improve the tools and systems already in place within your organisation, our team of Yorkshire based, highly skilled coders can help you and set you on the path to success.
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