The Curve is chosen as Arithmagicians technical delivery partner

*Update – Arithmagicians is live!*

The Curve is pleased to announce that it will be the tech delivery partner for a new “Tech for Good” online mathematics platform which will help to improve pupils’ skills, confidence and ability in arithmetic skills.

Ebrahim Tafti received an award of £25,000 as well as support from Let Teachers Shine. This awards programme and scheme is designed to help develop and produce innovative new ways in which schools can improve the attainment among children throughout all levels.

With this, Ebrahim has set out to develop a new fun, game based learning experience, “Arithmagicians”. 

The game based learning website challenges students to enhance their mental maths skills by racing against the clock to answer challenging maths questions, and improving their status from “Rookie” all the way to “Super Genie”.

Arithmagicians Photo

Currently the Arithmagicians website exists in paper form but that hasn’t stopped more than 15 schools in signing up to trial this Tech for Good project, and with The Curve’s help there’s no doubt the web based version will be ready to go soon enough, enabling students to work their way up to the Super Genie level and become true Arithmagicians.

“I’m really excited to be working with The Curve. I believe that the team has all the skills and experience necessary to make the online version of Arithmagicinas a great learning tool for thousands of students. I can’t wait to see the first online version of Arithmagicians in action. Exciting times ahead!”

Ebrahim Tafti
Arithmagicians Creator