James Ridgway

Story Points Explained – A Comprehensive Guide

Story points estimation is an estimation method that is often used in agile software development. Story points are a unit of measure used in agile project management to estimate and compare the complexity, effort, and relative size of features or user stories within a project. Instead of providing precise time-based estimates, teams assign story points collaboratively, … Read more

Approving Builds and Workflows with GitHub Actions and Microsoft Teams

Sometimes it can be useful to request a manual approval before a deploy is unleashed on production. GitHub supports manual approval when you use environments, but only on public repositories or private repositories for GitHub Enterprise. In this post, I look at how GitHub Actions and Microsoft Teams can be used to create a manual … Read more

What we’ve learned from processing £100k+ of transactions every week

We process several hundred thousand pounds of transactions for our clients every week. During peak periods, we’ll process this volume in a single day alone, and in exceptional cases, within a few minutes. Taking money from customers may sound simple, but there are many different factors and facets that have to be considered when designing … Read more

Demystifying Agile Software Development

Agile has been a popular software development methodology since the early 2000s. Despite being around for over two decades, agile can still be misunderstood or incorrectly applied. What is Agile? Agile software development is rooted in the Agile Manifesto, which was established in February 2001 following a meeting by a prominent set of individuals from … Read more

Technical Literacy: Understanding “Technical Debt”

So what is Technical Debt? Who you ask will likely influence the answer that you get. Different perspectives will emphasise different aspects of the definition of “Technical Debt”. In this article, we dive into what is meant by technical debt and why, on occasion, seemingly simple changes can take more time to implement than you’d … Read more

Beware of redirects with Ruby’s net/http

Photo by Maik Jonietz on Unsplash Earlier last week, we learned that Ruby’s built-in net/http library contains a fundamental limitation — net/http does not automatically handle redirect status codes (3xx). As part of a feature sprint for a client, we had been tackling some functionality around PDFs issued by their system using wicked_pdf, which can generate PDFs from … Read more