Paul Ridgway

Fixing “unexpected stream termination” with Jenkins build agents

We use continuous integration and continuous deployment techniques regularly in the delivery of our projects. Whilst our team predominantly uses GitHub Actions these days, we’ve supported a variety of CI tooling including Jenkins and GitLab Pipelines. We have a number of projects that still use Jenkins, even though the majority of our recent projects use … Read more

Building for ARM with Docker – packaging libcamera-apps for Alpine on armv7

In this article we look at compiling applications for different CPU architectures using Docker to emulate on an x86 host, with a working example of packaging libcamera-apps for Alpine Linux for an armv7 device (a Raspberry Pi Zero) and armv8 (Raspberry Pi Zero 2). Background Recently the availability of diverse mainstream architectures has increased, moving … Read more

COVID-19: In uncertain times…

These are uncertain times, and we’re adapting the way that we operate to support businesses and communities.

Effective immediately we at The Curve are announcing that we will work for any business that is driving social benefit, change, tackling the global challenge or similar for no more than cost.

We are working with a number of organisations at no cost to bring out services that we believe will support the community at large.

Welcome Melise Jones — Business Development Director

I’m excited to announce that Melise Jones is joining the team as Business Development Director. Melise brings 30 years of experience in the technology sector delivering customer-facing solutions and services, with at least 15 of those years spent in senior leadership roles. Welcome Melise!

Startup Weekend Sheffield April 2019

Startup Weekend Sheffield

We’re pleased to be taking part in Startup Weekend Sheffield April 2019 this weekend!

Our team will be on hand to coach and mentor the Startup businesses throughout the weekend.