Celebrating 4 Years of The Curve!

The Curve is celebrating four years of designing, writing, building, developing and everything in between!

There have been too many amazing moments and projects that we’ve been a part of to name them all but we’re going to try to highlight some of the changes and developments the team have noticed and experienced over these last few years.

First we want to say a big thank you to all those who have helped The Curve grow and progress over the last few years. Whether you’re a member of the team, family, friends or a business partner – thank you for your continued support! 

What has changed the most in the 4 years?
– “The office has become very busy compared to the days when there was just a small team, we also have team members across the country working remotely”
– “One of the most noticeable changes is our client size, over the last year or so, we’ve partnered with and worked for clients such as the NHS and The University of Sheffield, these types of projects have been great for me personally due to the experienced gained”

Most enjoyable Projects?
– “For good projects, such as Tickets For Good or the Shelter Project”
– “There have been many projects that have been enjoyable over the last 4 years each having its own enjoyable moment, but if i had to choose one it would be the EMS project with The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, because of the positive impact it will have on the NHS”

What do you like most about being part of the team?
– “The Variety of projects and clients we engage with, no project is the same and always provides an interesting discussion”
– “Being able to use a variety of technologies for different clients and services, it’s nice to use different technologies on different projects rather than using the same technology over and over again”

We recently celebrated this occasion with the team, friends, business partners and our charity partner of the year Cavendish Cancer Care. 

It was a great opportunity to socialise and thank everybody individually who has supported The Curve over the last four years and are continuing to do so moving forwards.