Crystal Clean Service

Crystal Clean Service

Founded in 2008 by Hayley Koseoglu, Crystal Clean Service employs over 70 members of staff across three sites in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire.

Crystal Clean Services specialises in three key market sectors: office and business centre cleaning; industrial cleaning, including engineering and manufacturing; and car dealership and showroom cleaning.

The Problem

The team at Crystal Clean Service were using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which had been in place for over two years. The system was full of bugs and very slow.  So simple tasks like holiday tracking and absence monitoring were complicated to complete and were taking much longer than they needed to. 

The logging function, which was used to monitor, and track staff member’s location and daily schedule progress was often inaccurate and did not reflect day to day management of the business.  The business required the  CRM system to be able around the clock – 100% of the time and it wasn’t delivering. The electronic holiday records had many inconsistencies, this led to management recalculating holiday entitlement by hand every year which was a frustratingly time-consuming task.

Support queries often went unanswered…when there was a reply, the response often took days.  This was a real problem as the company prides itself on its responsive solutions.

The last straw came when Crystal Clean Service were notified that they would have to find another solution provider to host the CRM platform moving forward. This left Crystal Clean Service with a huge challenge – what were they going to do?

How We Helped

The Solution

The Curve were contacted and through a few short sessions worked with Crystal Clean Service to understand their requirements and the  functionality their CRM system needed to deliver. The Curve, taking a phased approach designed and built a bespoke CRM system which has improved efficiency across the business.

The solution in place now standardises and digitalises procedures such as setting up a new employee, processing payroll, ordering stock, auditing, recording employee absenteeism and managing staff holidays. 

The system is hosted in the cloud and managed by The Curve and there are now no longer any performance or access issues. The Crystal Clean Service team, from management to cleaning staff can always access the CRM platform to record time, make a holiday request, order supplies and account for their workstream in a fast and reliable way.

This has allowed the business to become completely paperless in its day to day operations – freeing up management time and allowing them to become more productive. The bespoke offering allowed Crystal Clean Service to adapt and develop the system to suit its unique set of business needs, and to include features that would not have been readily available with an ‘off the shelf’ CRM system. 

The usability of the new system has boosted the team’s confidence and they are now all committed to using the system. Following this success, The Curve are now looking at the functionality of the businesses auditing system and when this is complete it will help cut down on errors at the data entry level of the process.

Their Thoughts

Hayley Koseoglu – Crystal Clean Service, Founder

“Like many businesses, our commodity is our time, and productivity is key.

We have worked with a number of software solutions companies in the past in a bid to find a CRM system that was fit for purpose, but we’ve never had anything that was quite right in terms of being functional yet also user-friendly. That changed with The Curve.

The team really took the time to get to know our business and to learn how and where we could improve our systems. What’s more, when they presented their ideas to us, they didn’t use technical jargon but spoke to us in real and practical language that we could understand.

The best part about it has been their flexibility to be able to adapt the software as we develop and grow as a business”.

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