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Prospera specialises in delivering tailored financial planning solutions to its clients and partners. Operating largely as a paper-based organisation, most documentation had to be filed and held at the head office in order to progress client cases to the next stage of their application which typically involved handing over physical documents to another team member. 

The Curve worked with Prospera to map out key features, processes and capabilities to ensure that any digital solution implemented would be ideal for how Prospera currently operates as well as ensuring that it could also be effective should any processes change in the future.

The Problem

Prospera Wealth Management knew their outdated approach to processing and management of cases were slowing them down – seriously impacting their productivity.  Largely paper-based, most documentation had to be literally filed and held at the office.

This meant the field-base case advisors would have to travel to the office to access much-needed information or ensure an authorised colleague was present to access the required documentation.  Dealing with case enquiries outside of office hours was challenging and often difficult.

Additionally, accessing and updating cases would often be a time-consuming task, requiring lots of administration support.  This approach just wasn’t making the best use of time or resource for the team.  They knew something needed to change.

How We Helped

The Solution

The Curve worked with the team over at Tickets For Good to fully understand the various systems and platforms they were working with before setting out ways in which these systems could be optimised and scaled up.

The goal was to have systems in place which not only supported philanthropic mission but would also be able to cope with the increase in demand and higher levels of capacity the Tickets For Good team would experience.

So The Curve – Tickets For Good team set out to deliver a set of features to enable a high-degree of automation and self-service for both the donating organisation and the ticket recipient alike. It was important for the service to support a professionally delivered customer experience at all times.

2020 iPad Pro with Keyboard Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics

Now, advisors can automatically fill in this information at client appointments using an iPad, saving on time and resources.

Due to the system’s functionality, it also means cases are now added and updated in a consistent way, ensuring the information is easy to digest and understand.

This is another step for Prospera Wealth Management to transition to a paperless office. Since building the system, The Curve has since been appointed by the firm to work on additional projects.

Their Thoughts

Adam Ellis – Managing Partner, Prospera Wealth Management

“When briefing The Curve with this task they understood our team’s high expectations and clearly and sensibly outlined how these would be met in ambitious timeframes.

“Their expertise and approach to feedback throughout the project reassured us that the system would fulfill our requirements and the ever-changing needs of our growing business.

Our Team is now progressing cases from any location and at any time of the day.

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