Tickets For Good

Tickets For Good

Tickets For Good are a Sheffield based social enterprise that provides free or discounted tickets to NHS Staff, charities and social groups within the UK. Tickets are provided to these groups via a secure delivery platform, the service that provides an opportunity for NHS workers as well as charities to access tickets at discounted rates.

Tickets For Good started in 2019 as an open ticketing platform that allowed users and buyers of tickets to give an optional charitable donation with each ticket sale. However, since then, the organisation has developed to offer free tickets to their users through the exclusive ticketing platform, allowing live event partners to connect and share tickets at minimal cost to those who truly deserve it.

The Problem

Tickets For Good was in need of a technical delivery partner that would be able to help scale its digital capacity in preparation for the post-pandemic return of venue-based events and the subsequent rapid increase in demand.

The platform as originally launched was in need of some infrastructure changes and process automation if the service was going to scale and grow.The Tickets For Good project focused mainly on the design and delivery of core features and functionality to the platform, as well as ensuring that philanthropy was at the forefront of the ticketing experience.

As Tickets For Good’s technical delivery partner The Curve also provided advice and assistance on the implementation of new tools and infrastructure in preparation for the events industry getting back into business and seeing a high influx of demand.

How We Helped

The Solution

The Curve worked with the team over at Tickets For Good to fully understand the various systems and platforms they were working with before setting out ways in which these systems could be optimised and scaled up.

The goal was to have systems in place which not only supported philanthropic mission but would also be able to cope with the increase in demand and higher levels of capacity the Tickets For Good team would experience.

So The Curve – Tickets For Good team set out to deliver a set of features to enable a high-degree of automation and self-service for both the donating organisation and the ticket recipient alike. It was important for the service to support a professionally delivered customer experience at all times.

Their Thoughts

Steve Rimmer – Tickets For Good Founder and CEO

“We’re extremely grateful to everyone at The Curve for helping to make our dreams, of event inclusion for all, a reality. They have been an integral part of our platform since day one and provide a fantastic service for us.
The recent award from TheTicketingBusiness is testament to the quality of our project and The Curve have been a key part of making that happen”.

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