Manufacturing IoT Consultancy

Leverage the Power of Integrated Manufacturing Ecosystems

As an Industrial IoT Development and Consulting company, we leverage our IoT expertise to unlock Smart Factories and Connected Environments that improve how manufacturers collect, process and analyse their data.

Our deep expertise spans hardware, embedded software, cloud deployment, and seamless integration with existing infrastructure – empowering uninterrupted machine connectivity.

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Our IoT Tech Stack

How We Help Manufacturers

IoT Development Services

Seamless integration with existing enterprise systems and software.
Support for a wide range of devices and platforms.
Ensuring interoperability and data consistency across factory systems.

Provision IoT Devices

Easily access and manage your device fleet through a secure responsive platform.
No specialised hardware required.
Quickly deploy existing images to numerous devices in a scalable way.

IoT Strategy Development

Initial assessment of business needs.
Strategic planning for IoT integration and digital transformation.
Custom road-map design for IoT deployment and scalability.

Connection & Security

Programmatically managed VPN-as-a-Service.
No servers or services to manage, just use APIs to add users.
Ongoing technical support to ensure continuous operation.

What IoT Can Achieve In Manufacturing

Enhance Machine Analytics

Our IoT proficiency enables the development of smart, connected environments that optimise efficiency through unified data flows and enhanced system interoperability.

Pragmatic Innovation

We seamlessly blend emerging technologies like IoT, AI and ML into practical manufacturing based solutions that drive real impact. We leverage innovation to solve your challenges.


With our technology-agnostic approach, we free you from software lock-in. We objectively assess your needs and tailor the ideal tech stack – ensuring performance and scalability.

Monitor Machine Data & Analytics

Monitor Machine Temperature, Humidity and Moisture

Using IoT devices to monitor temperature and humidity ensures real-time environmental data collection and analysis for optimal manufacturing conditions.

Calibrate Position and Distance More Accurately

Leveraging IoT devices for monitoring position and distance enables precise tracking and measurement capabilities across machinery and equipment.

Machine and Equipment Energy Usage

Employing IoT devices for monitoring energy usage facilitates efficient resource management and enables insights into machine downtime and maintenance requirements.

Machine Vibrations, Sound and Pressure Levels

Utilising IoT devices for measuring vibrations and sound provides data on structural integrity and environmental noise levels, enhancing safety and quality control measures.

IoT Within Manufacturing

FourJaw has a clear vision of using big data to make Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining as efficient as mass manufacturing. FourJaw delivers data-driven manufacturing analytics that are accessible and affordable, providing tangible benefits to manufacturers’ bottom line and shop floors.

The Curve then began building and refining an application that presented the real-life data from the Manufacturing Execution system on a live dashboard that could be accessed from a mobile or desktop. This user-friendly application made it easy for manufacturing professionals to have quick access to help make tangible improvements to their operations.  

IoT devices for Green Initiatives

The Urban Flows Observatory works to understand how the physical (energy and material resources) metabolism of cities can be effectively measured, understood and utilised. The Observatory’s network of sensors comprises a range of sensing technologies ranging from cheap commodity devices through to expensive, specialized, high-end sensors.

The system became a key part of understanding the Urban Flows Observatory data, with the system (hosted in the cloud using AWS) ingesting over 90,000+ sensor readings a day from over 790+ individual IoT sensors.

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