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Melise Jones – Signing Off & Going Out on a High

Our Client Services Director, Melise Jones, reflects on her career – especially her time at The Curve. I wrote a blog about Women in Tech back in March, 2021. In it I stated: “Before Women in Tech there were, well, women in tech…I never thought there was anything special or remarkable about the fact that I … Read more

Story Points Explained – A Comprehensive Guide

Story points estimation is an estimation method that is often used in agile software development. Story points are a unit of measure used in agile project management to estimate and compare the complexity, effort, and relative size of features or user stories within a project. Instead of providing precise time-based estimates, teams assign story points collaboratively, … Read more

Approving Builds and Workflows with GitHub Actions and Microsoft Teams

Sometimes it can be useful to request a manual approval before a deploy is unleashed on production. GitHub supports manual approval when you use environments, but only on public repositories or private repositories for GitHub Enterprise. In this post, I look at how GitHub Actions and Microsoft Teams can be used to create a manual … Read more

Fixing “unexpected stream termination” with Jenkins build agents

We use continuous integration and continuous deployment techniques regularly in the delivery of our projects. Whilst our team predominantly uses GitHub Actions these days, we’ve supported a variety of CI tooling including Jenkins and GitLab Pipelines. We have a number of projects that still use Jenkins, even though the majority of our recent projects use … Read more

Building for ARM with Docker – packaging libcamera-apps for Alpine on armv7

In this article we look at compiling applications for different CPU architectures using Docker to emulate on an x86 host, with a working example of packaging libcamera-apps for Alpine Linux for an armv7 device (a Raspberry Pi Zero) and armv8 (Raspberry Pi Zero 2). Background Recently the availability of diverse mainstream architectures has increased, moving … Read more

What we’ve learned from processing £100k+ of transactions every week

We process several hundred thousand pounds of transactions for our clients every week. During peak periods, we’ll process this volume in a single day alone, and in exceptional cases, within a few minutes. Taking money from customers may sound simple, but there are many different factors and facets that have to be considered when designing … Read more

Demystifying Agile Software Development

Agile has been a popular software development methodology since the early 2000s. Despite being around for over two decades, agile can still be misunderstood or incorrectly applied. What is Agile? Agile software development is rooted in the Agile Manifesto, which was established in February 2001 following a meeting by a prominent set of individuals from … Read more

Determining NHS Room Occupancy Levels Through The Use of IoT Devices and Computer Vision

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust (TRFT) has expanded its valuable and successful collaboration with The Curve. Their goal is to explore new and innovative ways to manage data more effectively and ensure real-time data is at the forefront of its decision making process. Building on the effective design and implementation of the “Escalate” system, TRFT challenged … Read more