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Friday, 19 July 2019

Sheffield DevOps

Paul and I were back at Sheffield DevOps yesterday where we did a joint talk on the journey to serverless.

We've been helping several of our clients adopt serverless and move to the cloud recently. In this talk, using a Rails application, we demonstrated how a typical run-in-on-a-server application can be ported to run serverless on AWS Lambda.

Running Ruby and Rails purely serverless on AWS

When we were last at Sheffield Devops talking about Scalable Monitoring with Commodity Hardware we managed to pull off a live demo. Not wanting to disappoint with the servless talk, we through in a live demo too for good measure.

All in all the talk was a great success, thanks for everyone who turned up, and for the questions that continued today!

Questions from the Sheffield Digital slack channel for #sheffieldevops

Slides: Running Ruby and Rails purely serverless on AWS


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