Startup Weekend Roundup and Sheffield DevOps

Startup Weekend Roudup

This weekend we spent time with the participants of Startup Weekend Sheffield. It was great to see so many people coming together with different ideas and working together to validate those ideas and turn them into a start up business.

Our team had great fun joining in as coaches and mentors for the team. We provided insights from our experience in industry of growing and scaling a business. As mentors and coaches we were provided with a 20 minute slot to speak with each team. We used this time to get up to speed on their idea, challenge any of their thoughts and assumptions as well as taking a close look at their strategy for growth and profitability.

It was a busy 54 hours for the startup teams and we got the opportunity to speak to all of them about their idea.

We found taking part in the event really fun as coaches, and it looked like the participants had a great time too! We’re looking forward to seeing how many of these teams take their ideas past the startup weekend and build their ideas into a successful business.

Sheffield DevOps

On Thursday, I will be taking part in this months Sheffield DevOps. event where I’ll be talking about how to put together scalable monitoring dashboard with commodity hardware.

Monitoring infrastructure and business critical systems is important at any scale, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. In this talk I’ll be taking Sheffield DevOps through how Raspberry PIs and other commodity hardware can be used to build a monitoring dashboard.

This talk will be a very hand on, practical talk about how you can build your own monitoring dashboard based on the lessons I learned in deploying the same technology to monitor a global platform.

You can checkout the details for the meetup here, and as usual tickets are available on Eventbrite.