FourJaw Manufacturing

FourJaw Manufacturing

Launched in 2019 by founders Chris Iveson and Robin Hartley, FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics is a new start-up that has grown out of the University of Sheffield’s globally recognised Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC).

FourJaw has a clear vision of using big data to make Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining as efficient as mass manufacturing. FourJaw delivers data-driven manufacturing analytics that are accessible and affordable, providing tangible benefits to manufacturers’ bottom line and shop floors.

The Problem

Providing specialist solutions to manufacturers, FourJaw had developed a unique Manufacturing Execution System which helps manufacturers improve shop floor productivity by unlocking CNC data and insights.

The system they built performed by:

  • Collecting high-quality data from CNC machine tool controllers
  • Securely sending the data to a hosted cloud database
  • Using engineering analysis to convert data collected into insights

    So, what were they missing? – Although the team had the right information to help clients to streamline performance, they did not have a platform that could present this information in a digestible and accessible way.
How We Helped

The Solution

Our team took a hands-on approach to understanding what information was important to FourJaw’s clients to be able to build a platform that would prioritise and carefully demonstrate these.

It was identified that the platform must present the following information:

  • Key performance indicators over different timeframes
  • Production timeline history
  • Current production status

The Curve then began building and refining an application that presented the real-life data from the Manufacturing Execution system on a live dashboard that could be accessed from a mobile or desktop. This user-friendly application made it easy for manufacturing professionals to have quick access to help make tangible improvements to their operations.  

Their Thoughts

Chris Iveson – CEO & Co-Founder, FourJaw Manufacturing

“What really attracted us to The Curve was their experience. James and Paul don’t just go off and do something blindly – rather, they continually question and evaluate all of the solutions available, and they always look for ways to go the extra mile.”