Effective Training

Effective Training

The Curve is able to support the growth of your team, by offering training that’s tailored specifically to the needs of your team.

At our core, our team is an engineering team. They’ve worked at the coal face, shipping code, and ensuring that what gets deployed to production works when it really matters. It’s this experience that allows our team to temper the training experience to include real world examples, practical demonstrations and guidance of how to put theory into practice.

Whether it be building a platform on the cloud, producing a mobile app, or developing bespoke integration, as a technology consultancy, we’ve seen all flavours of technology deployed across different sectors and industry.

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How We Can Help

Mentoring and Coaching

Personal development can go beyond knowledge-transfer and training, focusing on how skills and theory can be best applied to practical, real-world situations.

Experience and judgement is often hard earned, and is never a quick path. We’re able to support the personal development of your team through mentoring and coaching sessions.

Our team have had that experience of growing a small tech startup through to an 100+ person international business. These sessions allow us to provide practical advice and guidance based on the experience of our team.

The Developer Academy

The Developer Academy

Supported the development and delivery of a two day training programme that was tailored specifically to the clients needs.

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