Welcome to The Curve

Welcome to The Curve, we’re a bespoke software development and technology consulting company based in Sheffield.

We offer a huge range of services from providing developers for contracting and freelance work right through to more complex engagements, such as delivering managed solutions, cloud migration and strategy, and technology consultancy.

We’re founded by our CEO, Paul Ridgway, former CTO and Co-Founder of The Floow. After 7 years at The Floow, Paul decided it was time to do something new and to use his experience and expertise to help other business grow and succeed.

During Paul’s time at The Floow, he built a powerful ~80 person technical team that delivered on all of the company’s commitments, repeatedly on time, to spec and on budget. Growing The Floow created over 100 Sheffield-based jobs, and Paul’s teams delivered and deployed solutions to large national and international customers.

In this new venture, Paul will be joined by a handful of the best leaders, technologists and developers that he has worked with in his career to date.

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