Software Development

Story Points Explained – A Comprehensive Guide

Story points estimation is an estimation method that is often used in agile software development. Story points are a unit of measure used in agile project management to estimate and compare the complexity, effort, and relative size of features or user stories within a project. Instead of providing precise time-based estimates, teams assign story points collaboratively, … Read more

The Curve to sponsor Sheffield University’s Computer Science Society

University of Sheffield Computer Science Logo

The Curve is pleased to announce that it is sponsoring the University of Sheffield’s Computer Science Society this year and will be providing support and opportunities for its members throughout the year. Being a software development company we’re always interested in finding ways to support and encourage the next generation of coders and developers, and … Read more

Saying goodbye to our Interns, James and Filip … and hello to our new part time team members!

Over the last few months we’ve been lucky enough to work with two very skilled and determined interns in James and Filip. Reaching out to us early on in the summer they asked if they could have an internship which showed a degree of dedication and motivation that we couldn’t refuse. This would prove to … Read more

Beware of redirects with Ruby’s net/http

Photo by Maik Jonietz on Unsplash Earlier last week, we learned that Ruby’s built-in net/http library contains a fundamental limitation — net/http does not automatically handle redirect status codes (3xx). As part of a feature sprint for a client, we had been tackling some functionality around PDFs issued by their system using wicked_pdf, which can generate PDFs from … Read more

The Curve is chosen as Arithmagicians technical delivery partner

*Update – Arithmagicians is live!* The Curve is pleased to announce that it will be the tech delivery partner for a new “Tech for Good” online mathematics platform which will help to improve pupils’ skills, confidence and ability in arithmetic skills. Ebrahim Tafti received an award of £25,000 as well as support from Let Teachers … Read more

The Curve to deliver Ethical Social Group’s straight-talking dating app: Fluttr

Ethical Social Group (ESG), a tech company with a mission to rebuild social platforms for good, has appointed The Curve as one of their Technology Delivery Partners.    The Macclesfield-based group was established in 2019, and aims to deliver a suite of next-generation social applications that place member privacy, security, fun and well-being at the heart … Read more